Zero problems: our philosophy

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One of our main mottos is “zero problems”, and is that our main task is to offer a quality service, offering quick solutions and props to customers. At Districam we know how important it is for products to reach our customers on time and in perfect condition, their business depends on it and therefore ours as well. That is why punctuality and rapid response are our top priority and our customers know that with us they can rest easy.

At Districam we are increasingly striving to offer solutions that make our customers’ lives simpler, and in that technology is our best ally. That’s why we have our own order system, with updated stocks and a platform that connects the customer with us at all times, allowing you to place orders at any time and place, through the tablet that we provide.

If you want a supplier of beverages, liquors, food and drugstore, specialist in hospitality, which offers you a fast and punctual service, bet for “zero problems” bet on Districam.


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